Lets talk a little about the protein intake. This is a critical part of any veggie diet.

The Institute of Medicine recommends that, adults should get a minimum of 0,8 gramms of protein per kg of their body weight daily. Here is the calculation:

Your body weight in pounds divided by 2,2 = Your body weight in kg
Your body weight in kg times 0,8 = recommended amount of protein per day ( in gramms)

We know, plants food also provide protein, but these are not considered complete proteins because they do not provide all of the needed amino acids. The only one exception is soy beans and quinoa, these are complete proteins from non-animal sources. Beans, seeds, nuts and grains are very good sources of protein. We can make these proteins to be complete protein by combine them. For example with the incomplete proteins of rice and beans, we can make a complete protein.

Some protein sources

Food                           Amount                    Protein
almond butter                2 tbsp                       5g
almonds                        1 cup                        8g
black beans,cooked      1 cup                       15g
broccoli,cooked            1 cup                        4g
brown rice,cooked        1 cup                        5g
chickpeas,cooked         1 cup                       12g
kidney beans,cooked     1 cup                      13g
lentils,cooked                1 cup                       18g
peanut butter                 2 tbsp                       8g
quinoa                           1 cup                        9g
soy beans,cooked          1 cup                      29g
tofu,firm                         4 oz                        11g
whole wheat bread        2 slices                     5g